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Everyone who is at least a little bit interested in bodybuilding knows that Winstrol has already become a household word among the athletes, bodybuilders, sportsmen, and other men who adore excellent body composition.

But if you lack the knowledge about this steroid and because of this can’t decide whether to use it or not, you can read the further information and find all necessary answers.

What Is Winstrol

Winstrol which is also known as Winny and Stanozolol is a famous 17alpha-alkylated anabolic androgenic steroid. Also, it belongs to derivatives of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is widely applied by the athletes who aspire to give a strong boost to their sports performance.

This steroid has originated in the late 1950s. It was manufactured by Winthrop Laboratories. The product of this manufacturer was launched into the market in the 1960s. Initially, this steroid was developed as a medication for curing different diseases; in particular, osteoporosis.

The compound can be used in the forms of both oral tablets and injections. However, according to the research findings, the powerfulness of injectable steroid is much greater comparing to the oral one.

Mechanism of Winstrol Action

Winstrol is notable for its ability to straightforwardly tie to the androgen receptors which are located in bone and muscle tissue. These receptors are very crucial for everyone who aspires to have considerable muscle gains.

This steroid works by triggering AR-mediated signaling, due to which erythropoietin synthesis and protein production may occur at a highly intense rate. It intensifies the fat-melting potential of the body, as well as maintains muscle gains.

Since this compound has a strong anabolic effect, it also has the impressive anabolic to androgenic ratio. Thus, this ratio of 320:30 distinguishes Winstrol among the rest of similar steroids. By the way, this Winstrol ratio is identical to Anadrol ratio.

So, you can understand how strong the first one actually is.

If steroid keeps the body in the anabolic state, this implies the creation of anabolism. In this state, cells grow and you can count on size increase. Since Winstrol has a powerful anabolic ratio, it will be a great choice for you.

In addition, Winstrol makes sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) drop. By doing this, the steroid activates the mechanism of protein synthesis in your body. Also, collagen production is almost immediately enhanced.

Winstrol Advantages

The use of Winstrol is associated with such advantages:

  • Possibility to boost awesome vascularity
  • Preservation of lean muscle mass
  • Improvement of sterength and endurance
  • Enhancement of dry gains
  • Intensification of protein production
  • Acceleration of the muscle building process with an opportunity to develop 15-20 lbs of new muscle
  • Considerable body fat reduction up to 4% of total fat percentage
  • Restoration of power and speed
  • High promptness of effects
  • Maintenance of tendons and ligaments health
  • Opportunity to get perfect body composition
  • No breast enlargement, water retention, and bloating
  • This steroid is a great choice for people whose key target is cutting.

Winstrol Intake Instructions

Once you have decided to use Winstrol, you should also decide how to deliver it into your body. Thus, there are 2 options such as injections and oral intake in the form of a tablet.

The oral form of steroid is easy-to-use. That’s why many users give preference to it. But since the compound negatively affects liver, the pill form may be not acceptable in many cases.

For this reason, the users often choose intramuscular injections which supply the steroid directly into the blood and hence decrease the level of danger for liver.

The dosages you should use also depend on which form of steroid you choose.

For the pill form: It’s necessary to take 40-80 mg per day during the whole cycle to get the most out of this compound. Since the compound is available in the body for about 9 hours, you should take it 2 times per day.

For the injection form: It’s necessary to inject 50-100 mg every day. In this case, steroid remains in the body for 24 hours. So, you shouldn’t worry about the following dosage for quite a long time.

As you can see, each intake method has own benefits. The choice is up to you.

Winstrol Cycle Details

Usually, the duration of Winstrol cycle varies between 4 and 6 weeks. The explanation to this fact is simple because the prolonged cycle duration will have a harmful influence on your organs in general and liver in particular.

It’s strongly recommended to start the steroid intake with very small dosages and then to gradually increase the dosage. The matter is that even very insufficient dosages proved to be extremely effective.

The majority of bodybuilders start using this compound with 25 mg dosage. Also, most men think that 50 mg is enough to strike the right balance between sports accomplishments and health maintenance.

This compound is widespread as a pre-contest medication because only several days are an adequate period to enjoy the first positive changes such as more vascular and fuller look.

Track athletes also prefer Winstrol since its effects meet the sportsmen’s requirements most of all. Thus, this steroid revitalizes overall sports performance, but at the same time doesn’t cause too substantial weight gain.

Winstrol and Testosterone

Different stacks of Winstrol with a variety of steroids are well regarded among the bodybuilders. Among the possible stacks, it’s worth distinguishing Testosterone and Winstrol cycle which is the most common one. In this case, Testosterone Enanthate is most frequently used.

Testosterone is a steroid famous as an excellent tool for developing bigger and stronger muscles. The experts often advise to use this steroid as a foundation for each cycle.
When combined with Testosterone, Winstrol acts as a booster since it accelerates and facilitates the occurrence of Testosterone effects. The matter is that Testosterone itself starts showing its activity only after 4 weeks of use. But Winstrol is able to release the hidden potential of Testosterone almost right away.

When Testosterone begins demonstrating its potential to the greatest extent, it’s necessary to cease using Winstrol. This typically happens 4-6 weeks after the start of stack cycle.

After this, the cycle will imply the use of Testosterone only. And you will have to take approximately 250-500 mg of this steroid per week. Actually, 2 dosages of Testosterone per week are usually enough for the successful completion of the cycle.

If you stack Winstrol with Testosterone, the muscle size enlargement will happen much faster and more intensely than without Testosterone. So, in such a way, you will really get the best results.

Winstrol Cycle

While many bodybuilders and sportsmen like stacks with Winstrol, the rest of users aspire to rely on a Winstrol only cycle.

However, the experts consider that the intake of Winstrol without the use of any other steroids can’t ensure the most satisfactory effects. And the major issue here is the inhibition of own testosterone production. It means that when choosing

Winstrol only cycle, you run the high risk to finish your cycle with a full range of decreased testosterone manifestations.

If you take only Winstrol during your cycle, you will need a post cycle therapy after the cycle completion.

Winstrol Adverse Reactions

The intake of Winstrol may be accompanied with adverse reactions. So, you should be ready for this. However, it’s fair to say that the severity of these adverse reactions is not as terrifying as for example in case of using Trenbolone.

The most frequently occurring adverse reactions associated with Winstrol are as follows:

  • Acne: Spotty back is almost guaranteed to everyone who is taking this steroid because acne is its most frequent side effect.
  • Nausea: This unpleasant side effect is not dangerous, but still can spoil the quality of your everyday life.
  • Joint Pain: Synovial fluid disappears under the influence of steroid. This leads to a very uncomfortable and painful side effect.
  • Cardiovascular problems: Steroids by their nature are very harmful for the cardiovascular system. And Winstrol is not an exception.
  • Cholesterol Elevation: This compound makes the levels of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) grow. This substantially raises the probability of strokes and heart disorders.
  • Natural Testosterone Inhibition: The anabolic steroid hinders the synthesis of own testosterone by the man’s body. And your body may lose an ability to secret own natural testosterone.
  • Depression: This adverse reaction flows out of testosterone suppression and may disgruntle you within the post cycle period.
  • Sleeplessness: Sleep deprivation because of insomnia may accompany you during the intake of Winstrol.
  • Liver Failure: The worst adverse reaction you may face is the liver damage. The matter is that this compound is extremely hepatoxic. Jaundice dark urine, itching, and liver tumors are far not the full list of liver failure symptoms. To relieve these symptoms, it’s better to use the oral form of this steroid instead of the injectable one.

It’s advisable to rely on a cycle support product aid if you take Winstrol. Such a product should be of a high quality, as well as should be filled with different natural components able to help the body resist the negative effect of steroid. Among these useful components, there are Hawthorne berry and Milk thistle.

In addition, it should be noted that when using this steroid, you shouldn’t be afraid about its conversion into estrogen because this doesn’t happen. Due to this, you can avoid gynecomastia and water retention which are the very common adverse reactions for the rest of anabolic steroids.

Also, to decrease the likelihood of adverse reactions, you should never use too high dosages. And the intake duration shouldn’t exceed 6 weeks.

Is Winstrol for Women?

In contrast to much stronger steroids, Winstrol can be used by women who are also passionate about achieving the heights in the bodybuilding world.

But as opposed to the men who usually apply this steroid just for cutting in order to decrease body fat percentage, preserve muscle mass, and tone body, the women have an opportunity to bulk when taking this compound. This happens because the woman’s body reaction to the higher than average rates of dihydrotestosterone is dissimilar to the man’s body reaction.

That’s why even a tiny Winstrol dosage causes an anabolic overcharge in women and therefore enables them to intensely develop muscle mass. Actually, if the women aspire to bulk, they need to take a dosage that reaches the highest allowable level. At the same time, if the women are aimed at cutting, they have to measure a dosage that reaches the lowest allowable level.

Anyway, the women should be much more careful with Winstrol than the men in order to prevent severe adverse reactions.

The Bottom Line

Winstrol proved to be quite effective steroid which helps the men (though the women also can use it) meet their cutting objectives and get a desirable body shape quite quickly. The list of potential adverse reactions which may result from this steroid intake is not so long and frightening comparing to the other steroids.

However, you should also realize that the gains obtained due to the use of this compound disappear in approximately month after the cessation of intake.

Also, this steroid negatively affects secretion of testosterone which should naturally occur in your body. This may provoke many unpleasant effects related to testosterone deficiency.

It’s obvious that Winstrol has both upsides and downsides which should be taken into account. You should determine on your own which of them matter more for you. Anyway, don’t overdo when using steroid in order not to sacrifice your health.

Maybe, it’s even better to think about finding some effective but natural replacement option for steroids.



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