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winsolWinsol is a harmless and lawful substitute to Winstrol which is a steroid highly appreciated by athletes and bodybuilders from all over the world for its unprecedented potential to supercharge performance.

This legal steroid has to be taken when running a cutting cycle to preserve already gained lean muscle mass and dramatically improve body composition.


Mechanism of Action

Track and field athletes love Winstrol because it ensures very impressive results such as heroic strength and monstrous performance. And according to the manufacturer, these effects are exactly what you can count on when taking Winsol which is an absolutely legal option.

Your speed, power, and strength are going to exceed your wildest expectations.

You will no longer suffer from stubborn water retention that often conceals fat percentage reduction. Due to this, you will have an opportunity to get rid of excessive fat within the framework of a cutting cycle.

At the same time, it’s possible to avoid muscle mass reduction and muscle hardness loss, as well as to give a boost to vascularity.

As a result, your body shape will satisfy all your requirements and needs.


The list of ingredients available in Winsol is as follows:


This is actually a form of carnitine which is an essential amino acid. It is made from l-carnitine and can be turned into l-carnitine again. It naturally occurs in the body and serves as a building material for protein synthesis.

For many years, bodybuilders use wonderful properties of acetyl-l-carnitine to achieve the highest results in their realm. This substance uses fatty acids as a fuel in the muscle mitochondria. Due to this, the energy production in your body will skyrocket, making you feel super energized in the gym. Your endurance and stamina will substantially increase. And you will be able to work out as intensively as never before.

Also, since acetyl-l-carnitine has a strong influence on mitochondrias, it also effectively burns fat. Thus, there is a clinical proof that young men who use this substance melt a higher amount of fat when doing moderate exercises. For this reason, this amino acid is often included to the products which have a cutting effect.

In addition, young men who practice resistance training take this substance before intense workouts to considerably increase power and strength. It also reduces muscle inflammation and accelerates muscle recovery.


This is a nutrient that has been discovered not so long time ago. But without this essential nutrient, the body can’t function adequately.
This component is important for the endurance athletes who should take the substance during long-lasting endurance exercises, for example when running marathons. It helps these athletes enhance sports performance and improve stamina.

The ingredient helps maintain energy levels high and fight tiredness. Both of these conditions are crucial for sportsmen who need to have prolonged workout sessions.

Choline takes an active part in a proper muscle function. According to the scientists, this substance enables the nervous system to transfer signals to working out muscles. In particular, this ingredient is a part of neurotransmitter acetylcholine which makes muscle contraction possible. So, choline enables muscle movement and performance. That’s why not only endurance athletes, marathon runners, but even ordinary people support physical performance by taking this nutrient. And choline deficiency has a negative impact on sports achievements.

Also, the nutrient participates in fat metabolism, assisting sportsmen in fat loss.

Wild Yam

This plant has long been used as a traditional medicine remedy. And even today the modern sportsmen take advantage of this natural ingredient.

Thus, now athletes take wild yam to decrease inflammation and overcome fatigue. These are in fact inflammation and tiredness that are both frequent obstacles to the sports success.

The plant is also filled with DHEA precursors. There is scientific evidence that DHEA can actively participate in the synthesis of male hormones, in particular testosterone. Since testosterone levels grow, muscle mass develops, while all sports performance parameters get a strong boost. As a result, it’s possible to expect tremendous muscle gains.

In addition, this ingredient has a great anti-inflammatory effect. It actually can excellently deal even with intense inflammation. This is an important benefit for the athletes and other sportsmen who often suffer from muscle inflammation. But thanks to wild yam, recovery speeds up and you can do exercises much longer.


DMAE, or dimethylaminoethanol, is a compound successfully used in sports supplements.
This ingredient is helpful for the bodybuilders and other sportsmen since it actively works by supercharging energy production in the body and contributing to muscle building process. In particular, lean muscle mass grows quickly and impressively. That’s why it plays the role of a performance booster and muscle builder for any kind of athlete.

DMAE also belongs to cholinergic substances since it is considered to stimulate the production of neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This is one of the key neurotransmitters responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses needed in order muscles could move and train normally. It can even prevent the development of movement disorders.

In addition, this component is helpful for shedding extra fat. The elimination of fat storages is exactly what the sportsmen during the cutting cycle require.

Also, the ingredient resets metal focus, concentration, and attention which are beneficial for the athletes and bodybuilders oriented on the high efficacy of their attempts to compete and win.

Safflower Oil

This natural substance is imbued with unsaturated fatty acids which are irreplaceable for maintaining overall health in general and restoring male hormonal balance in particular.
Thus, normalization of male hormones production is what you need to experience the maximum muscle gains and best performance. It means that muscle mass enlargement; vascularity increase; strength, stamina, and endurance boost; power and alertness restoration become a reality.

Also, this oil has fat and weight loss enhancement properties. The effect of this ingredient on its own is not enough to promote substantial weight and fat reduction. But when combined with the other components from Winsol formula, it makes your body lose fat and become a well-sculptured more quickly.

The Bottom Line

Winsol is a well-performing natural over-the-counter pick for everyone who aspires to replace Winstrol with a legal and safe product.

This legal steroid allows you to maximize power, strength, endurance, and speed. It is able to provide great gains just within 30 days of intake.

When taking this product, you will simultaneously preserve lean muscle mass and decrease fat deposits. At the end of this legal steroid intake, you will get a perfectly formed body with the strongest and outsized muscles.