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Testosterone and Alcohol: Are They Compatible?


Hormonal balance in general and testosterone levels in particular are very susceptible to many factors. Alcohol is one of them. And it’s possible to tell for sure that alcohol and male health feature zero compatibility. Drinking too much alcohol is fraught not only with overall health and behavioral problems, but also with endocrine function impairment. Your T levels will suffer in the first turn.

Moderation Is above Anything Else

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that small amounts of alcohol can’t harm the man’s body. They can be even beneficial for health. For example, a glass of organic red wine stimulates the nervous system, increases sex drive, improves penile blood circulation, and gives a long-lasting erection without interrupting testosterone production. While the body is able to cope with moderate alcohol intake, heavy drinking is dangerous for all the body systems, including the endocrine system.

Sluggish Metabolism

Excessive alcohol consumption activates the mechanism for fat storage. It becomes possible because T levels plummet, while blood sugar levels elevate. As a result, this leads to substantial increase in insulin secretion. And insulin itself has a direct impact on fat accumulation and weight gain.

Too much drinking also lowers the levels of vitamin B and zinc in the body which are very crucial for testosterone synthesis. In addition, the lack of vitamin B and zinc negatively affects metabolism, especially if the man has unhealthy eating habits. That’s why for normal T levels and high metabolism it’s important not only to limit alcohol intake, but also to adhere to a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and micronutrients.

Weight Gain

Heavy drinking causes hormonal imbalance by not only decreasing T levels, but also lowering dopamine and increasing serotonin. Alcohol also affects the biochemical processes in brain. As a result, the feeling of hunger becomes uncontrollable. And a person overeats every time when drinking too much alcohol. The weight gains are inevitable in this case.

In addition, alcohol is usually extremely high in calories. But it belongs to unnourishing beverages. It means that your body will get nothing except unwanted pounds and impaired hormonal balance.

Decline in Male Fertility

By reducing testosterone production, alcohol also negatively affects sexual activity and fertility in men. Everybody knows that testicles produce testosterone. But under the influence of alcohol, testicular tissue destroys. T levels drop. And, hence, sperm quality decreases because it is not produced properly. In particular, sperm characteristics, such as sperm motility and sperm morphology worsen. Abnormal sperm is useless for conception. If the situation doesn’t change, this may lead to a decline in male fertility or even infertility.

Some amount of testosterone is synthesized by the adrenal cortex. But alcohol has a deleterious effect on the adrenal glands. Liver also suffers from alcohol. Thus, it begins to produce enzymes which destroy testosterone.

Gradually, excessive alcohol drinking not only kills male fertility, but also reduces sex drive and makes erections weak. In addition, the men can face difficulties with reaching orgasm.

If the man doesn’t cut alcohol consumption, erectile dysfunction may finally develop as a result of testosterone deficiency.

Gynecoid Obesity

Male and female sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) are available in both the man’s body and the woman’s body. The difference is only in the levels of these hormones. The mentioned hormones are antagonists. Thus, when T levels in men start reducing, estrogen levels rise. This causes the development of gynecoid obesity in men. The first fat deposits form in the abdominal area. Abdominal fat is dangerous because it contributes to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Also, adipose tissue cells produce the hormone leptin. When the levels of this hormone elevate, testosterone secretion in the testicles plummets.

Excess estrogen in the men’s body changes the men’s appearance.  Particularly, facial hair growth slows down, mass muscle decreases, male breast tissue enlarges, and hip size increases. The men with gynecoid obesity caused by the lack of testosterone have pear-shaped body. The man turns into the woman.

By the way, beer, which the majority of men adore, is the most insidious alcoholic beverage that leads to gynecoid obesity development.

The Bottom Line

Alcohol is a very harmful substance for the man’s body. The impact of heavy drinking elicits the body’s defensive reaction in the form of testosterone deficiency.

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