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Testo-Max: Best Steroid Alternative Review (2019)

1. Overview

Testo-Max pumps up your testosterone levels naturally.

Formulated from d-aspartic acid, fenugreek extract and tribulus terrestris, this natural alternative to anabolic steroids increases luteinizing hormone production and raises testosterone, leading to massive gains in size, strength and performance.

Though Testo-Max yielded precedence to TestoGen and is second in the ranking of the testosterone boosters, it is powerful enough in order to ensure a substantial natural testosterone supply to the man’s body.

The bodybuilders especially like this supplement for its ability to enhance sports performance and contribute to the muscle mass gains.

It’s a safe over-the-counter equivalent to Sustanon because in contrast to the latter one the supplement doesn’t contain illegal steroids.

Testo-Max review

2. How Does the Supplement Work?

This product has a great impact on the production of luteinizing hormone in men. If the levels of this hormone are high, testosterone levels also grow.

Testo-Max is also able to enhance free testosterone synthesis. Only free testosterone can be effectively used by the body.

In addition, the pill suppresses the production of female sex hormones in the man’s body. These hormones are the testosterone enemies.


3. What Is the Supplement Used for?

The pill is intended for:

  • Substantial muscle development
  • Great strength, endurance, and stamina
  • Quick recovery
  • Energy upsurge
  • Impressive sports performance
  • Improved sex drive


4. Ingredients

There are the following science-backed ingredients in Testo-Max booster:

D-Aspartic Acid

There were many studies which supported the use of D-aspartic acid for coping with low testosterone.

The study the duration of which was 3 months discovered that the D-aspartic acid supplementation resulted in the 30-60% elevation of testosterone levels.


Magnesium deficiency has a very negative impact on testosterone synthesis, while the adequate intake of this micronutrient can significantly improve the situation.

Thus, one study which lasted for 1 month and involved ordinary men and sportsmen has indicated that the magnesium consumption helped both groups of participants elevate total and free testosterone by 24%.

Fenugreek Extract

The study where 60 healthy men aged 25-52 took part gave evidence that a 6-week fenugreek intake was enough to enable the study participants to reach optimal T status.
There were also many other both animal and human clinical studies proving this fact.

Ginseng Red Powder

Though ginseng is mainly known for its ability to prevent and heal sexual disabilities in men, this herb is also effective for natural testosterone secretion.

Thus, saponins available in the plant are famous for their high potential to give a boost to the secretion of different hormones such as testosterone, luteinizing hormone, DHT, and other androgens crucial for men.

Nettle Leaf Extract

There are 6 isolectins available in nettle leaf. These substances have an ability not to allow testosterone to bind with sex hormone binding globulin. The latter one helps support hormonal stability in the body.

This is an effective way to enhance testosterone bioavailability which becomes possible due to the increase of free testosterone levels.

Also, the research has demonstrated that nettle leaf doesn’t let testosterone be turned into dihydrotestosterone because nettle suppresses synthesis of the substance which makes such a transformation possible. By doing so, it’s also possible to protect the men from benign prostatic hyperplasia.


It has been known for a few decades already that zinc and testosterone levels are interrelated. Thus, the scientists have investigated that the young male study participants with initially adequate testosterone levels experienced 50% decrease in hormone levels after the adherence to zinc-deprived nutrition plan for 5 months.

Also, the older men with insufficient testosterone who underwent zinc supplementation for 5 months have managed to increased hormone levels by 2 times.

In addition, it was studied that the 4-week zinc supplementation which involved athletes led to a considerable elevation of testosterone levels after a highly intense workout. Besides testosterone, this supplementation also boosted insulin-like growth factor-1 production. Along with testosterone, IGF-1 is beneficial for post-workout recovery.


The research brought to the public by the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology discovered how boron influences free testosterone concentration in the blood of men who don’t have any health problems.

During this study, 8 male participants took 10 mg of boron every day with the first meal of the day for a week. When the study finished, there was a comparison of blood tests before and after the mineral intake. The scientists noticed that free testosterone levels substantially grew, while estradiol and SHBG considerably fell.

Vitamin D3

One of the latest studies has indicated that the men with vitamin D deficiency experienced decreased testosterone levels and increased estrogen levels.

Also, it was noticed that those men had excessive fat deposits, lacked lean muscle, were prone to circulatory disorders and depression, as well as had unsatisfactory fertility rates.

Another study has investigated the impact of one-year vitamin D supplementation on the men with both low testosterone and vitamin D.

There were the control group and placebo group. At the end of the study period, the control group reported about 20% elevation of free testosterone and normalization of vitamin D status. As for the placebo group, the situation remained unchanged.

5. The Bottom Line

Testo-Max is a worthy natural pick for the men who don’t aspire to deal with illegal steroids but need higher testosterone levels and want to achieve this purpose in a safe way.

This supplement can’t boast of as much powerful formula as TestoGen formula.

That’s why we recommend Testo-Max to the young men who only start using the non-artificial testosterone boosting products, while TestoGen will perfectly suit the older and more experienced sportsmen.

Testo-Max review