Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The main target of our Privacy Policy is to protect the private information entrusted to us by our users.
On our website, we use best endeavours to ensure complete security of the users and guarantee the user-friendliness of the services.
We never release confidential information that we receive from our users to the third parties.

Changes to Privacy Policy

All the information on this website is subject to any changes which we deem feasible to provide the most comprehensive information, satisfy strict quality standards, and meet ethical responsibilities. Therefore, we recommend you to navigate our website on an on-going basis to be aware of the latest modifications and amendments on the website.
Even after amendments, personal information that belongs to our users remains confidential. In addition, we store private data only if the users express consent. Moreover, we never use confidential information to gain profit.

Information We Do not Collect

We never require any private information from our users. To give the user an access to our services, we do not have to be aware of his or her real name, address or any other private data. Consequently, if you provide this data to us, you are liable for this.
Important Notice with Regard to Underage Persons
We never demand or gather private data from underage persons who are under 13 years old.

Information We Do Collect

In the following clauses, we will list the purposes for which we collect information.

Newsletter Subscriptions

The users have a possibility to subscribe for our newsletter voluntarily and only if they provide their email addresses to us.

The newsletter is sent to the users immediately after publication. We decide how often the newsletter will be published in our absolute discretion.
If you no longer wish to get a newsletter, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.


When using this website, the users automatically agree to use the cookies. The website places cookies on the user’s hard drive. Cookies give the users an opportunity to use all the website materials securely. The users can delete cookies from their hard drives whenever they want.

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The users are permitted to use the content from this website only for the purposes fully specified in these Terms and Conditions. The third parties will never acquire the information from this website.

Purposes for Which We Collect Information

This website requires your information for these purposes:
Making the information and services provided by us accessible to you.
Presenting the offerings and promotions on our website to you.
Giving information concerning all the latest modifications and amendments on the website.

Links to Other Websites

We post the links to other websites regularly. We pay much attention to the verification of authenticity and integrity of these links. Moreover, the websites which we link to our website offer relevant information with respect to the information which we provide. However, note that we do not bear responsibility for the content available on the linked websites.

Contact for Privacy Issues

If you have any questions with regard to our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

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