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Obesity Inducing Hormone Evolving as an Erection Booster!


Obese people are invariably attacked by ED at some point in their life. Because of the fact that obesity is such a very potent cause of erectile dysfunction people are nowadays all the more wary of getting obese and overweight.

Obesity heightens the risks of erectile dysfunction by lessening the amount of blood flow into the penis which is very important for the sake of getting and maintaining an erection. But a recent study has shown a very shocking revelation. It was found that a hormone that was earlier thought to be increasing the risks of obesity is beneficial for the sexual health of a man including erection and the quality of erection.

A study in the University of Warwick has come up with this revelation. There is a hormone in our body that is known as Orexin. Orexin was earlier found to be acting on the adrenal glands that secretes cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that increases the appetite of the human beings thus raising the possibilities of obesity. But the revelation that the researchers in Warwick have come up with is really shocking and unexpected. The hormone Orexin has been found to have really good effects on the genitals of man. It also helps a lot in a man’s fertility and his erection.

The researchers have found that both the male penis and the male testicles receive this hormone quite well. The cells that are responsible for producing the sperm and the male sex hormone testosterone receive this hormone Orexin very well, thus the scientists are trying to somehow evolve this hormone as a possible ED cure.

Till this date if we give a thought to the area of ED medications the only names that come to our minds are that of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis online. In short no such ED treatment has been invented till date that could challenge the efficiency of these already established ED drugs. There are certain so called natural ED treatments in the market. Though they have takers they have not been able to eradicate the symptoms of ED in men as efficiently as the oral testosterone pills do.

There is neck to neck competition between the above mentioned oral ED drugs also. This happens because of the fact that all of these ED drugs have been produced and marketed by three different and big shot medical companies. Though Viagra was the first ED drug to be invented, yet now Lilly Icos Cialis managed to overcome the former in terms of sales. The competition between these drugs increased as all the three are available with the online pharmacies. For example people only have to order Cialis online and the drug is delivered home. However whichever ED drug one is having a prescription is mandatory. As Cialis pill is the current best seller we can take its example In order to buy Cialis a cialis prescription is a must. But in order to treat ED or boost erection with the hormone Orexin no prescription would be required because it is beneficial to the sexual health of one and all. Thus it would be of great help if the hormone could be used for better erection instead of these pills



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