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  • You’re promised to increase your testosterone level, which is essential for real muscle growth and strength gains.
  • You’re promised a higher libido to feel more powerful and sexy.
  • You’re promised to reduce body fat, including on your belly.
  • You’re promised to feel more confident, in and out of the gym.
  • You’re promised a better mood to keep yourself motivated towards your goals.

1. Overview

Inside the TestoGen pill, there is the power of nature which has all the potential to fix the testosterone deficiency issue.

You shouldn’t make any special efforts or adhere to a strict diet plan to experience the changes in testosterone levels, which you expect to occur.

The supplement’s testosterone boosting effect is completely natural. TestoGen acts by making your body synthesize the hormone on its own.


2. Ingredients

It’s a micronutrient that is very crucial for trouble-free testosterone synthesis in a man’s body. According to the study findings, 4-week supplementation with magnesium leads to an elevation of testosterone levels by 26%. To achieve these results, it was enough to consume 750 mg of the supplement on a daily basis.[1]

Vitamin D
It’s scientifically proven that testosterone production is most intensive in men with high vitamin D levels. At the same time, the men with testosterone deficiency also have vitamin D deficiency.

TestoGen includes Vitamin D3, known under the name of cholecalciferol, which is necessary for raising free testosterone. Free testosterone is the actual amount of this hormone in the bloodstream. Vitamin D3 is also needed for preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

It’s a natural trace mineral present in a range of vegetables and fruits. There is clinical evidence that boron intake can substantially boost testosterone production in the body.

Thus, the research has indicated that even 10 mg of this trace mineral per week is enough to elevate the synthesis of free testosterone by 28% and to reduce estrogen production.[2]

One more study involved bodybuilders who underwent boron supplementation on a daily basis. The study lasted for a few weeks. As a result, the men who consumed boron had high testosterone levels, while the men who took placebo had their testosterone levels almost unchanged.[3]

Vitamin K1
This vitamin is included in TestoGen to promote the absorption of vitamin D, which is crucial for the formation of testosterone molecules. It means that vitamin K1 makes the product formula work better. Also, this vitamin is responsible for bone health.

Nettle Leaf Extract
According to the study findings, nettle leaf extract also attaches to this protein, increasing free testosterone levels. It means that in this case testosterone will work more effectively for developing bigger muscles and improving sex drive.[4]

D-Aspartic Acid
This naturally occurring acid takes part in the synthesis of luteinizing hormone. This hormone is important for testosterone production. As a result, this contributes to the growth of lean muscle mass, improvement of endurance, and enhancement of sexual desire.

The clinical trials have confirmed that D-aspartic acid can lead to an upsurge in testosterone synthesis in just a few weeks. Thus, the levels of this hormone elevate by more than 45%.[5]

TestoGen contains the greatest amount of D-aspartic acid, compared to all of the competitors.

Fenugreek Extract
This extract is derived from Fenugreek seeds which are useful for male sex drive and testosterone secretion. The extract works well for raising stamina, boosting strength, lifting energy levels, and promoting insulin release.

Consequently, the man experiences the desirable muscle growth. In addition, Fenugreek is famous for its strong antioxidative potential. It fights free radicals, improving the man’s overall health.

Red Ginseng Extract
The extract comes from the plant called red ginseng which has won the fame of being an aphrodisiac since ancient times. This extract gives a strong boost to the sex drive.

It protects the testes from the harmful influence of dioxins. This helps men to have firm erections. Red ginseng is a powerful ingredient, which makes the TestoGen formula one of the most potent on the market.

Vitamin B6
Normal body functioning is impossible without vitamin B6. That’s why it’s difficult to overestimate the importance of this vitamin for men’s health. Vitamin B6 helps to regulate testosterone synthesis.

The clinical trials have indicated that a lack of vitamin B leads to insufficient testosterone production, high estrogen levels, and low energy levels.[6]

Zinc is one of the best micronutrients for unhampered testosterone production. This micronutrient has aphrodisiac properties. Zinc also supports male reproductive health.

Bioperine is a natural substance that comes from black pepper. It enhances the effects given by the other ingredients available in TestoGen. Due to Bioperine’s action, the absorption of the supplement’s active substances improves. So, their efficacy grows. Bioperine helps men achieve their own goals faster and easier.


3. How Long Will It Take to Increase Testosterone Levels

TestoGen offers you the opportunity to enhance testosterone production quite quickly, but at the same time in a healthy way. Thus, taking 4 pills per day for only 7 days, you may see the first results. But in some cases, it can take longer – up to 1 month. This is because different people have different testosterone levels. Their overall health also differs.

4. Does TestoGen Work?

There have been studies that prove the effectiveness of TestoGen’s active ingredients.

D-aspartic acid
In 2009, the Italian scientists found out that D-aspartic acid has a great positive influence on testosterone secretion in men. The scientists stated that the testes and pituitary gland are the places where this acid is naturally synthesized. D-aspartic acid is necessary to ensure that the body produces and releases testosterone and luteinizing hormone properly.[1]

The study conducted in Australia in 2011 has given evidence that Fenugreek can substantially improve sex drive and normalize testosterone production in a man’s body in a natural way. [2]

Red ginseng extract
The American scientists came to the conclusion that Asian ginseng is able to elevate serum lactate, give a boost to sports performance, increase muscle strength, enhance blood and tissue oxygenation, improve heart functioning, sharpen focus and concentration, ensure high work capacity, maintain healthy homeostasis, as well as lengthen reaction time to different visual and auditory stimuli.[3]

Vitamin D
German scientists carried out the study that involved men with excessive weight. There were 2 groups of participants who took part in the experiment, lasting for a year. The first group of men was given a placebo during the study period. The second group of men underwent vitamin D3 supplementation for the same period. The target of the study was a weight loss.

However, when the study finished, the participants of the second group had experienced not only weight loss equal to approximately 6 kg. These men also reported on the elevation of testosterone levels by approximately 25%.[4]

One more study was aimed at measuring testosterone and vitamin D levels in 652 male participants from Korea. The age of the participants exceeded 40 years. The study demonstrated that the probability of testosterone deficiency has grown by 2.66 times in the men who lacked vitamin D.[5]

To summarize: TestoGen has scientific data that indicates a connection between certain nutrients and a boost in testosterone production.

5. The Bottom Line

Should we rev up the engines to buy TestoGen?

This supplement offers a unique blend of powerful ingredients, which are proven in published scientific research to increase testosterone production quite quickly, but at the same time in a healthy way. Also, we have not located any complaints regarding side effects and customer comments found online indicate people are seeing excellent results.

In our opinion, by efficacy and safety, it’s an excellent alternative to hormonal drugs.

Also, the business behind TestoGen is so confident in the formula that they’re offering a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is a good sign.