Are you looking for a sure way to increase testosterone naturally? Then Testogen is exactly what you need. Testogen is an exclusive male supplement notable for its remarkable ability to increase testosterone production in men. The launch of this male product became a kind of dropping a bombshell on the market. Why? Let’s consider.

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Testogen Advantages

testogen bottle v1Since Testogen is intended to increase testosterone levels in men and successfully copes with this task, the use of testosterone pills will bring you the following advantages:

  • Incredible sports endurance and stamina meaning that you can work out hard enough during gym workouts.
  • More muscle growth. Elevated testosterone levels allow you to build and maintain desired muscle mass.
  • Increase in lean muscle mass that helps you make your body stronger.
  • Body fat burn that leads to decrease in body weight, especially in waist size.
  • High energy levels that give you more overall strength.
  • Motivation and concentration enhancement that helps you not only during the workout sessions, but also in everyday life.
  • High competitiveness promotes aggression and desire to win and achieve better performance in sports and at work.
  • Great boost to libido and sexual vigorous that enables you to improve your sex life and even combat erectile dysfunction.
  • Decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This contributes to the improvement in cardiovascular function.
  • Mood improvement that enables you to develop more positive attitude toward life.

So, if you are going to use supplements to increase testosterone naturally, Testogen will definitely satisfy your need, giving you numerous additional benefits. As a result, you will stay young and toned for many years to come.

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What Is Inside?

Why is Testogen so beneficial? The answer is in its well though-out formula. Mixture of 8 super-powerful natural ingredients available in Testogen can really change your life for better.

D-Aspartic Acid

It’s an amino acid available in the bodies of all living beings. It plays a leading role in the nervous system functioning. It also stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, luteinizing hormone, and testosterone.1 Besides, this amino acid is involved in the release of testosterone and progesterone by the gonads. All these factors have a positive effect on sports performance and sexual life in men. The first data on the d-aspartic acid’s ability to increase testosterone production was obtained during the experiments on rats. However, 4 latest clinical studies conducted in Italy in 2009, in US in 2014, in Australia in 2015, and in US in 2015 have confirmed the effectiveness of D-aspartic acid for people.

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng is one of the most famous herbs used for treating various diseases. Thus, it has antioxidant properties, protects against cancer, fights inflammation, positively influences nervous system, regulates blood sugar, etc. In addition, ginseng extract enables men overcome mild to moderate erectile dysfunction which was proved by numerous studies.2 Moreover, other researches have confirmed the ginseng ability to lift mood, improve vigour, give a feeling of overall well-being, and enhance psychophysical function.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is a plant which is most widespread in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine. It can increase libido and treat male infertility. And it’s all possible due to the fact that Tribulus contains many saponins and flavonoid substances which make it a unique broad-spectrum herbal remedy. Thus, the testosterone levels raise under the influence of protodioscin, the active ingredient contained in Tribulus.3 Protodioscin is a steroid saponin which is a natural chemical compound. In addition, the researchers found out that the herb has antioxidative and cardio protective properties.


It’s an herb that grows mainly in India and in some Arabic countries. Fenugreek seeds enjoy the great popularity among sportsmen and bodybuilders since the most recent studies have shown that this plant can successfully combat low testosterone and maintain it at a healthy level, as well as increase strength in men.4 Furthermore, it also restores libido, boosts reproductive function, and enhances masculine traits. In addition, the herb is useful for men who have problems with blood sugar metabolism. Also, it improves body composition in men.

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It’s a vital micronutrient. Selenium helps a man’s body produce testosterone on which male sexual behavior, libido, erections, ejaculations, and sperm production depend.5 In addition, the studies have shown that selenium boosts performance, enables men overcome depression and rapid fatigability, improves memory and attention span. Moreover, a man’s muscle mass increases and weight decreases, which helps prevent obesity. Selenium has protective properties against the harmful effects of environmental pollution and bad habits.

Vitamin B

Testogen includes 3 types of B vitamins, that is, B2, B5, and B6. Numerous studies showed that Vitamin B2 participates in the growth process and in the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This vitamin also regulates the central nervous system function. Vitamin B5 is responsible for the management of cholesterol levels, maintaining a normal blood flow, and preventing the dangerous formation of cholesterol plaques in arteries. Vitamin B6 has an impact on the metabolism of amino acids and ensures health of the cardiovascular system. Since B vitamins feature the ability of to reduce stress, they are useful and necessary for every person and are especially irreplaceable for athletes.

Vitamin D

Testogen formula contains vitamin D3 which regulates testosterone levels in men, hence preventing the impairment of reproductive function and sexual disorders. Thus, the Italian study conducted in November 2014 has demonstrated that men suffering from impotence also have vitamin D deficiency.6 The study carried out by the South Korean doctors in December 2014 related this problem to the testosterone levels in men. According to the research findings, low testosterone levels in men over the age of 40 are correlated with low vitamin D levels. Adequate vitamin D3 supplementation helps to solve this problem. Besides, vitamin D3 intake is an important condition for everyone who wants to be in a good mood. Therefore, this vitamin protects from depression.

Zinc Gluconate

Zinc is involved in all major metabolic processes in the human body. This essential micronutrient directly influences serum testosterone levels. The scientists and doctors found out that decrease in daily zinc consumption in men under the age of 30 results in a dramatic drop in testosterone levels. Thus, severe zinc deficiency can lead to 73% decrease in testosterone levels. Moreover, zinc has antioxidant properties and reduces the permeability of the cell membranes, protecting them from damage.

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How to Get More Testosterone without Risk

Of course, searching for natural ways to increase testosterone, your goal is to find a reliable and safe supplement. And Testogen can ensure necessary level of safety. So, using this testosterone-boosting product you don’t run the risk because:

  • Forbidden, unsafe, doubtful, and dangerous ingredients are not included to the supplement formula. Only legal ingredients are used to perfectly support muscle growth and increase overall strength.
  • There are no artificial colourings and flavourings. This is vitally important if you have allergies. And Testogen doesn’t include substances which can do harm to the consumers’ health.
  • The booster contains only highly proven ingredients which increase testosterone naturally. The numerous clinical trials and studies have provided evidence that these ingredients are very effective and have beneficial effect on the men’s health.
  • It’s not a steroid drug. In fact, synthetic anabolic steroid pills are known for their horrible adverse effects, such as testicular atrophy, decreased sperm production, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, obesity, prostate enlargement, impaired liver function, hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis, unreasonable aggression, and neurological disorders. But taking Testogen to increase testosterone levels, you shouldn’t be afraid of such health complications.
  • Optimal dose is at your disposal. Each capsule of Testogen contains exactly the right amount of ingredients that a man’s body needs to get at a time. So, you shouldn’t figure out which daily dose is enough to make your body produce larger amount of hormone.
  • Availability of 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that the manufacturer is 100% confident in the top quality and effectiveness of its product. Consequently, you can be sure that you make the best investment in your health and don’t risk losing your money if something goes wrong for any reason.

How Long Will It Take to Increase Testosterone Levels

When choosing a hormone boosting product, you most probably wonder how to increase testosterone levels quickly. However, here the most important thing is to ensure that you increase testosterone not rushing at full throttle, but doing it gradually.

Testogen offers you an incredible opportunity to enhance testosterone production quite quickly, but at the same time in a healthy way. Thus, taking 4 pills per day for 7 days only, you may see the first results. But in some cases, it can take longer – up to 1 month. The matter is that different people have different testosterone levels. Their overall health also differs. First of all, your mood, concentration, and motivation will improve. But to enjoy more changes, that is, get a great muscle-building effect and take an advantage of performance enhancement, you have to perform intense workouts regularly.

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Who Can Take Testogen to Increase Testosterone Levels

The knowledge of how to raise testosterone levels naturally is very useful for any athlete or simply a man who aspires to build a body of his dream. Testosterone increases strength, speed, and muscle mass. And it’s no secret that these characteristics are highly appreciated in any sport. Nevertheless, most often, men start using testosterone pills when they aspire to increase lean muscle mass.

The minimum age from which testosterone supplements can be taken should be at least 20-23 years. This is due to the natural hormonal imbalance in the bodies of young men. That’s why the use of testosterone boosting products before the recommended age can lead to various hormonal disorders.

In addition, the testosterone levels in young men are sufficient by nature even without any additional external interference. Furthermore, it’s strongly not recommended for girls to take testosterone boosters since this leads to the development of masculine features in them.

Testosterone supplements show the best effects when men aged 30-40 and even older take them. This is due to the lower physiological testosterone levels at this age. And therefore, in this case, the use of boosters not only promotes muscle growth, but also boosts libido, restores sexual stamina, and improves male potency in general.

So, if till now you have hesitated concerning what increases testosterone effectively and naturally, put off doubts and fears! Testogen is a revolutionary testosterone-boosting product that is able to change your life forever making you a winner not only in the gym, but also at work and in other spheres of your life. Testogen certainly gives a reply to your question of how to increase male testosterone fast. However, the most important fact is that it helps you do this absolutely safely!

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