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HyperGH 14x Review

HyperGH 14x is a natural supplement with a highly advanced formula able to naturally stimulate the production of own human growth hormone.

This natural product is a very popular over-the-counter pick among the bodybuilders who use the supplement to substitute unpleasant and even dangerous HGH injections. This reasonable option doesn’t require a prescription.

The intake of this supplement comprised of natural components leads to the acceleration and facilitation of lean muscle growth.

In addition to strong and big muscles, you will also quickly lose excessive fat and make up for the deficit of energy needed for effective, prolonged workouts.

A GMP manufacturing facility is used for the production of this supplement. The product is available in both capsule and oral spray forms.

How It Works

This product makes the body release HGH in the most optimized natural rhythm. That is, during the highly intense exercises and during the night sleep.

The supplement works by contributing to the elevation of Exercise-Induced Growth Hormone Response (EIGR). According to clinical trials, this effect is the most obvious if you practice heavy resistance training or exercise major muscle groups hard after you take the dose of HyperGH 14x.

The second dose of the supplement makes the body release HGH in accordance with the circadian rhythm.

The most substantial increase in hormone levels occurs at night when you sleep because the pituitary gland performs its functions best of all at this time.

The manufacturer applies the unique enteric absorption system of pharmaceutical grade in order to help the body absorb the product components almost entirely – by 80-90%.


The supplement formulation is packed with a wide spectrum of the best-working natural ingredients which aid your body in synthesizing more HGH. These ingredients are as follows:

L-Arginine: This amino acid is known for its scientifically proven ability to increase HGH synthesis by 3 times.

L-Glutamine: This amino acid helps cells divide and grow properly, boosts metabolism, preserves muscle mass, and lifts energy levels.

L-Glycine: It not only promotes the increased HGH production, but also makes prostate and brain perform their functions better.

L-Lysine: This component enhances the effects of arginine by 10 times. It also improves immune system and enhances the work of genitals.

L-Tyrosine: This ingredient is needed for the thyroid gland in order to synthesize Thyroxine which is a hormone that controls growth and metabolic rate.

Tibulus Terrestris: The extract derived from this plant activates the secretion of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is important for the restoration of male hormonal balance and sexual function in men.

Astragalus Root: This herbal extract is highly beneficial for the digestive process and metabolism. It also gives a boost to the immune system, promotes wound healing, and reduces tiredness.

Deer Antler Velvet: It supplies glucosamine, collagen, and chondroitin to the body. The ingredient also delivers Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1).

Gaba: This is a strong amino acid that takes an active part in the secretion of HGH.

Colostrum: This ingredient is a source of IGF-1. It also promotes healing, eases the symptoms of aging, and stimulates the growth of lean muscle and bone mass.

L-Valine: This essential amino acid participates in muscle metabolism and helps normalize nitrogen levels.

Pituitary (Anterior) Powder: It’s a natural stimulant of HGH release. It also copes with unsatisfactory muscle tone.

Phosphatidyl Choline: It improves the absorption of the other components found in the supplement.

L-Ornithine: This ingredient has a very high potential when it comes to the elevation of HGH levels. It also boosts the action of other ingredients.

GTF Chromium: It is effective for keeping glucose levels stable and normalizing insulin activity. In such a way, it enhances HGH growth.

Bottom Line

This is a safe HGH supplement which is backed with the plausible results of clinical trials. The supplement enables the bodybuilders to build impressively large and steel-like muscles, burn fat fast, and boost energy levels without negative health consequences.

There are the customer reviews which report about the first supplementation gains after a 6-week product use. But most often, the first noticeable effects are experienced after a 2-3-months supplementation period.

To achieve the greatest muscle development and fat reduction results, it’s recommended to take the supplement for 6 months.

You can rely on the money back guarantee for 60 days since the date of purchase.