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How to Pump Up Your Biceps


If a man does sports, he surely wants to have voluminous and prominent arm muscles. To reach that, it’s not enough to pay attention only to one muscle that is considered to be biceps. You have to pay attention to deltas and triceps (that plays even more role for the volume) as well. But biceps training has its own peculiarities. Let’s talk about them.

Biceps of the arm is a pretty well visible muscle on the front surface of the shoulder. Nevertheless, focusing all attention on that muscle is a common mistake for novices, as the majority of arm muscles volume is created by other muscle-antagonist, which is triceps. The main biceps function is bending an arm at the elbow, so practically all exercises are based on this movement.
The beginners shouldn’t train every day, as your muscles haven’t yet got used to heavy loads, work them out patiently. For example, start with three 1-hour exercises a week and don’t forget that muscles love a big amount of repetitions and training on the verge of your strength – it will not only create muscle relief, but also contribute to the biceps growth.
The first thing you should remember when pumping up biceps is that you don’t have to do it every day or with every workout. It’s enough to load this muscle once a week. Muscle growth is possible only in the conditions of its full recovery. If you will load it with every workout, the muscle won’t have enough time to recover.

Another common mistake is love for isolating exercises. This applies not only to biceps, but for other training loads as well. Yes, isolating exercises help to concentrate the training load on a particular muscle as much as possible. That’s why such exercises are used for «finishing touches», for correction of the form, but not for pumping up. There’s one rule that is always right for muscle growth: do basic exercises. The best basic exercises for biceps training is close-grip chin-up, bent-over rowing cubital grasp, barbell curls. If you are just starting to do sports and you don’t have enough experience, we strongly recommend you to start with these exercises and add isolating ones only when you feel that the basic ones are not enough anymore.

Remember that you don’t have to do a lot of repetitions for muscle growth, 8-12 repetitions are the optimal number. Also, if you are a novice sportsman, you shouldn’t lift heavy weights right away. Bending motion can be traumatic when using unbearable weights. The last 2 repetitions should be hard to do. If they are hard to do even with 5 kg of weights – that’s your weight. Don’t worry, power indicators will grow with time. Taking heavy weights right away can lead to injuries and complete loss of motivation. 1-2 exercises for biceps is enough for one workout. Other exercises can be focused on the triceps, spine, shoulders – biceps will be indirectly pumping up through them as well. The same goes to bench press. The principle of supersets is good for maximum working out of the triceps and increasing the volume of hands muscles, when one exercise in the set is aimed at the biceps, and the second – at the antagonist muscle – triceps. In split, you can train biceps with triceps, shoulders, forearms, spine or chest.



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