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Healthy Breakfast: Is It What You Need for High Testosterone Levels?

Before trusting advertisers, trying to convince you that it’s impossible to achieve great results without eating a healthy breakfast, just think critically.

The purpose of the manufacturers is to make you believe that you need something enough to purchase it. The same is with foods for healthy breakfast.

But if your target is to boost muscle growth, you have to know that not every healthy breakfast will suit you. That’s because some food items lower testosterone, without which your goal will be unreachable.

Fat-Free and Low-Fat Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most popular breakfast options throughout the globe. Uncountable number of fruit flavors makes yogurt even more delicious, promoting its popularity.

Those who want to get rid of unwanted pounds or simply stick to a healthy diet tend to give preference to low-fat or even fat-free yogurt. But if you work on developing your muscles and need to elevate testosterone levels, such yogurt is not for you.

You should remember that cholesterol and fats are crucial for the production of hormones. And testosterone is not an exception. It’s impossible to deceive your body. If your body falls short of these building materials, testosterone levels will inevitably drop.

If you care of your testosterone, full-fat yogurt is what you should definitely choose.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are stuffed with a diversity of nutrients, omega-3 fats, and fiber. It’s difficult to overestimate the science-proven benefits which these seeds offer.

Flax seeds are known as a valuable dietary supplement and a versatile natural remedy that can help heal many medical conditions. That’s why you may mistakenly add flax seeds to your breakfast, hoping for their favorable effects.

However, you have to be very careful. Flax seeds are rich in lignans. There is scientific evidence that these substances inhibit testosterone production.

You should know that the ladies suffering from availability of unwanted facial hair eat flax seeds to lower testosterone levels which cause their problem. But your goal is quite the opposite.

So, find another way to boost your hormone levels.


Everybody knows that estrogen is the most crucial women’s sex hormone. It makes any woman a real woman. Sexual characteristics and female fertility depend on the adequacy of this hormone levels. You may reasonably ask how your intention to eat soy-containing foods for breakfast is related to this information.

Let’s consider.

The matter is that soy is rich in estrogen. The consumption of soy negatively affects testosterone levels in men. It’s surely not the effect you want to get.

Think twice before choosing soy-containing foods for breakfast.

Soy can be available in milk, yogurts, granola, cereals, vegetarian sausages, and many other foods which you might select for breakfast. To purchase food that really doesn’t contain soy, you should attentively study what’s written on the food label.

Choose the alternatives to soy safe for your testosterone levels.


It’s better to avoid sugar for breakfast.

Sugar boosts the production of insulin which destroys your testosterone. Glucose is a significant organic compound. It ensures sperm motility. This explains why you may instinctively want to eat sweets and drink sweet beverages.

But sugar is not exactly glucose.

There is no glucose in refined sugar and foods, containing it. The true sources of glucose are not refined sugar, but honey, sweet fruits, and berries. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes are also high in glucose.

While eating simple sugar, you deceive yourself.

You eat sweet foods but sperm motility doesn’t improve. In addition, the sugar intake leads to the increase in insulin and cortisol production. Both of them impede testosterone synthesis.


Caffeine available in coffee, energy drinks, black tea, and even mint tea boost endurance and energy levels. But these feelings don’t last long. So, don’t hurry up to start your morning with these beverages.

The intake of caffeine causes the upsurge in cortisol and adrenaline levels. They are responsible for energy balance and significantly lower testosterone levels.

If you drink too much caffeine-containing beverages for a long time, testosterone deficiency may occur. This happens because caffeine gives the illusion of energy. In addition, caffeine is a diuretic that causes dehydration. High caffeine intake leads to hyperacidity, stomach ulcer, bone fragility, and depletion of nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and iron.

All these substances are necessary for the man’s body to support sexual function and maintain testosterone levels normal.

If you can’t stop drinking coffee yet, the experts advise consuming only natural ground coffee. Freeze dried coffee, except for caffeine, contains many other harmful ingredients which promote the production of female sex hormones in men and weaken overall health.

White Yeast Bread and Bakery Products

Do you think it’s a good idea to eat a slice of white bread for breakfast?

The bad news is that you will not take advantage of such food. The white yeast bread and bakery products contain fast-acting carbohydrates. They are digested very quickly, increasing the blood sugar levels.

The high intake of these carbohydrates adds extra pounds and deprives you of energy necessary for active life. Also, obesity is an enemy for male sexual potency. But it’s still not the biggest problem.

Carbohydrates available in white bread and bakery products gradually contribute to the decrease in the production of male sex hormones.

Testosterone needs proteins, not fast-acting carbohydrates. To improve hormone production, it’s worth excluding the foods, which dramatically elevate blood sugar levels, from your diet. Yeast is also harmful to your hormonal balance. It worsens testosterone synthesis and reduces sperm motility.

If you still want to eat white bread without lowering testosterone levels, choose white bread with no yeast. But it’s much better to consider the consumption of whole-wheat bread.

No Workouts after Eating

It may sound surprising but it’s only half the battle to eat a healthy breakfast. One embarrassing mistake can bring to naught all your efforts to elevate testosterone levels. This mistake is doing your workout routine right after eating. And it doesn’t matter whether it was the healthiest foods in the world.

After eating, the functioning of your body is targeted on solving a complicated task of proper food digestion. That’s why the workout immediately after eating can lead to negative consequences. These consequences include discomfort, poor sports performance, and fatigue. But in our case, the worst thing is that the decrease in testosterone levels is guaranteed.

If you eat smoothie or yogurt with walnuts and blueberries for breakfast and believe that you will have a successful workout session afterwards, you do yourself a disservice. The best decision you can take is to bring the healthy food with you to the gym. And you can have a breakfast approximately one hour after finishing the workout.

Bottom Line

Seemingly healthy foods may not give you the effects you expect when it comes to raising testosterone levels.

If your aim is to stimulate synthesis of this hormone, you should carefully choose what to eat for breakfast and not only for breakfast. A well thought-out approach to your diet and natural testosterone booster supplements will help you keep testosterone levels high and stable, as well as get the desired results.

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