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Forskolin 250: Testosterone Booster & Fat Burner

By Jason Hall

Dosage | Effects | Side Effects | Bottom Line

forskolin 250 testosterone booster

1. Dosage and Administration

The men who aspire to give a boost to own free testosterone production and decrease body fat percentage should daily take 500 mg of the Forskolin supplement.

It has to be divided into 2 equal doses. These recommendations are subject to the supplements, containing 10% of pure Forskolin extract.

To achieve the best results, it’s necessary to orally administer the supplement 15-20 min before eating. This guideline for oral administration follows from the findings of clinical trials, investigating the appetite suppression mechanism.

2. Forskolin Effects

Forskolin takes one of the leading places among the products intended for promoting weight loss and boosting metabolic rate. Let’s see whether the science proves these effects.

In fact, there were several clinical trials investigating Forskolin anti-obesity properties. The American scientists from the University of Kansas have recently managed to carry out the most accurate and conclusive clinical trial.

The study group and the placebo group took part in the experiment. Both groups included men suffering from overweight and obesity. During the study period, the daily intake of supplement, containing 10% of pure Forskolin extract, was 500 mg.

As a result, it was found out that the participants decreased the body fat percentage by approximately 8 times, increased bone mass by 35%, and elevated free testosterone levels by approximately 34%. That has lead to the substantial changes in the participants’ body composition.

The placebo group didn’t experience such changes.

Forskolin is a powerful activator of different enzyme adenylyl cyclase forms. In particular, it has an impact on cAMP, which is a very significant cellular mediator. Many cellular processes depend on its concentration.

This substance is responsible for the action of a variety of enzymes, which participate in crucial cellular function.

The fact that Forskolin can naturally regulate cAMP levels determines its weight-loss efficacy.

Unlike many other weight-loss pills, Forskolin doesn’t need to involve the other cellular receptors for regulation of cAMP concentration. In addition, the scientists frequently use Forskolin to study the effects of cAMP itself.

3. Possible Side Effects

Usually, if the patient follows all the intake guidelines, the risk of adverse effects during the Forskolin oral administration is very low.

However, it should be noted that the patients may still face one adverse effect associated with the mechanism of Forskolin action. And this adverse effect is diarrhea. Thus, high cAMP levels contribute to the relaxation of the gastrointestinal smooth muscles.

Consequently, the increased intestinal motility may cause diarrhea.

4. The Bottom Line

– Forskolin has a great potential to enhance metabolic rate, reduce fat percentage, build lean muscle mass, and split triglycerides.

– The study that lasted 12 weeks has shown that due to Forskolin action testosterone levels in men can grow by 34%.



About the Author:
Jason Hall, Director of Content, has researched over 100 testosterone pills. Previously, he managed 3 supplement brands, worked with doctors and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.