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Testosterone Boosting Foods


Seafood contains polyunsaturated fatty acids which have a strong influence on testosterone production.

Essential fatty acids improve blood circulation, decrease the risk of atherosclerosis, and enhance heart and brain functions. Due to their action, testosterone transferring process improves.

Seafood is also rich in valuable vitamins A and E, selenium, keratin, zinc, and proteins.

To boost testosterone, it’s necessary to choose the following types of seafood: anchovies, tuna, trout, shrimps, oysters, sardines, salmon, mackerel, rockfish, crabs, and molluscs.

But the best choice for enhancing testosterone synthesis is the consumption of oysters.

Just 100 grams of oysters are enough to meet the recommended daily zinc intake, which is very important for testosterone production.

Red Meat

Being an irreplaceable protein source, the consumption of meat contributes to the muscles development and testosterone production.

If you moderately eat low-fat red meat, it will not cause the increase in cholesterol levels and help provide the body with a sufficient amount of natural protein.

Red meat is especially useful for sportsmen who are interested in quick muscle mass growth.

If you want red meat bring maximum benefits to your health, cook it with a minimum of salt. It’s better to replace salt with spices, such as cardamom, red pepper, curry, and turmeric, which also have a positive impact on testosterone production.

But don’t eat too much fat meat, especially pork.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are among the leaders when it comes to the content of fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

However, these vegetables are also very useful if you need to solve the problem of low testosterone.

Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and collards are high in substances able to inhibit estrogen production in men.

This leads to the elevation in testosterone levels. High hormone levels are required for the improvement of brain power, quick muscle growth, and excellent sexual performance.

Choose the way of cooking which you prefer since it doesn’t matter so much. But make sure that you eat organic cruciferous vegetables, free of any harmful substances which can negatively affect your endocrine system and overall health.

Red Palm Oil

The exotic small red palm fruit is imbued with a diversity of vitamins and micronutrients. The high content of vitamin A, vitamin E, and medium chain triglycerides makes this fruit very precious for each man who lacks testosterone.

These fats enhance metabolic rate and restore hormonal imbalance by intensifying synthesis of human growth hormone and testosterone.
Vitamin A and vitamin E are very important for effective protection against cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory disorders. The health benefits which you can get when consuming red palm oil are obvious.
Use red palm oil when cooking and add it into the salads. Taking from 1 to 3 tablespoons on a daily basis, you will do yourself a favour.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one of the most crucial sources of zinc. Zinc is irreplaceable if you care about the health of your immune system and want to keep testosterone levels normal.

Since pumpkin seeds have a very pleasant taste, you will definitely gladly eat them even without additional meals. It’s possible to combine pumpkin seeds with stir-fries, porridge oat, and different salads. If you prefer pumpkin seed butter, it is available in special health food stores.

Just approximately 30 grams of pumpkin seeds will give you 15% of zinc necessary for you every day. Pumpkin seeds will perfectly complement your daily diet.


Egg is a unique food which is significant for everyone who aspires to tackle the issue of low testosterone.

It contains much protein, lutein, and good cholesterol.

It may sound surprising but cholesterol takes part in regulating testosterone levels in men. Cholesterol doesn’t have a direct impact on testosterone production.

But simple carbohydrates and saturated fats act together and, therefore, make your body synthesize more testosterone.

If your cholesterol levels are normal, don’t worry about cholesterol available in eggs.

However, if you suffer from high cholesterol levels, contact your healthcare practitioner who will tell you whether you can afford to eat eggs.

Hard-boiled eggs, omelettes, and fried eggs are the most suited to lift testosterone levels.


Maca root has been long used in the traditional Peruvian medicine. This plant which looks like a turnip has many healing properties. It’s possible to consume the root powder with water, juice, smoothies, and foods.

If you need to rebuild hormonal balance and treat endocrine system, maca is what will help you reach the goal. This plant is a stimulator which can raise testosterone levels. It also has the ability to uplift your mood, enhance libido, increase sports performance, and shorten rest time between workouts.

You can buy the root powder in the health food stores. But you have to strictly follow the intake guidelines to make the remedy beneficial.

Pork Rinds

It’s difficult to believe in it but the consumption of pork rinds can have a positive impact on testosterone levels in men.

Adequate cholesterol and fat intake allows normalizing hormone levels. It’s worth eating them in moderation to achieve the desired effect and avoid the weight gain.

You can cook pork rinds by yourself or purchase them in the supermarket. The markets are one more place where it’s possible to find this food. But if you suffer from obesity or high cholesterol levels, it’s a bad idea to eat pork rinds.

Red Wine

A distinctive property of organic red wine is its ability to inhibit the enzyme aromatase. This substance converts testosterone into estrogens.

High estrogen levels in a man’s body reduce testosterone levels, contributing to the weight gain and the appearance of female secondary sex characteristics in men. Thus, the long-lasting increase in estrogen levels in the man’s body causes gynecomastia (breast enlargement). Red wine reduces estrogen levels in the man’s body.

This helps elevate testosterone levels. The recommended daily dose of red wine is one glass. But the excessive consumption of red wine, as well as the consumption of white wine, beer, cognac, and other strong alcoholic beverages has a completely opposite effect.

That is, it will lead to the suppression of testosterone production.


Blueberries are rich in calcium D-glucarate, which is a great tool for decreasing estrogen levels and increasing testosterone levels in men.

Blueberries also contain resveratrol.

It has been recently proven that this substance raises testosterone levels. Available antioxidants reduce cholesterol levels, improve blood circulation, strengthen capillaries, and help fight urogenital infections.

In addition, blueberries are high in carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins, and acids. The regular consumption of blueberries not only stimulates testosterone synthesis, but also improves erectile function.


Celery contains very powerful androgens, including androstenol and androstenone.

It was found out that due to the availability of these substances celery can help speed up testosterone production. In addition, celery contains a flavonoid called luteolin. This flavonoid also promotes natural hormone synthesis.

Therefore, it’s worth adding celery to your daily diet to fix testosterone deficiency. Celery can also protect men against prostatitis. Due to its diuretic properties, celery helps overcome reproductive tract infections.

Bottom Line

The right food has an invaluable potential to improve your overall health.

If you make a good choice of food, it can even replace many remedies or complement pharmaceutical treatment.

It’s necessary to study the comprehensive information about testosterone boosting foods in order to really benefit from consuming it.

Also, don’t forget to consider your existing medical conditions before choosing any type of food or testosterone supplements.

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