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Clenbutrol – Legal Clenbuterol Alternative

ClenbutrolClenbutrol is a natural and legal supplement that has a strong thermogenic effect similar to that of Clenbuterol which is a powerful but forbidden anti-obesity drug.

This product urges the body to lose fat, helps preserve lean muscles, enhances endurance, lifts energy levels, and strengthens cardiovascular function.

The supplement is over-the-counter and doesn’t cause side effects.

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Mechanism of Action

The product works as a highly effective thermogenic because it makes the body’s internal temperature raise.

Due to this effect, basal metabolic rate (BMR) also grows. When metabolism gets a boost, the body starts intensely burning available fat deposits to turn it into energy.

It means that you will have an opportunity to get rid of excessive calories which come with food and melt existing fat storages. And you will finally get a toned and lean body.

Also, the supplement transports the increased amount of oxygen to all cells and tissues throughout the body. Better oxygenation makes the cardiovascular system perform flawlessly, as well as helps the muscles train harder during a much longer period of time.

That’s why you will be able to quickly achieve your goals without any harm to your health.


There are the following natural ingredients of superior quality in the supplement formula:

Garcinia Cambogia

The necessity to maintain proper body weight is a must for any athlete. That’s because sports performance greatly depends on the athlete’s ability to manage weight.

And this is what Garcinia Cambogia helps the sportsmen successfully do.

This is actually a fruit that grows in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and India. It is effectively used by the athletes for the weight loss purpose because the fruit extract is rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

This acid is famous for its high efficacy when it comes to the prevention of the formation of fat deposits in the body.

Thus, it doesn’t allow the consumed carbohydrates to be converted into fat in the human body.

HCA also suppresses the enzyme called citrate lyase which takes part in fat accumulation.

So, HCA triggers the mechanism of fat metabolism in a harmless and natural way. That’s why the body takes advantages of carbohydrates as a source of energy instead of suffering from new fat storages.

As a result, the body weight decline is observed.

In addition, the study conducted in 2012 and published by the British Journal of Nutrition found out that HCA available in Garcinia Cambogia can reduce post meal insulin response due to the activation of glycogen production in people who intensely work out.

So, HCA perfectly boosts exercise endurance.

Fat burning and weight decreasing properties of Garcinia Cambogia are especially helpful for the sportsmen engaged in boxing, football, running, gymnastics, wrestling, dancing, and rowing.

Guarana Extract

Guarana berries are taken for obtaining a precious extract needed by the athletes who aspire to reach maximal performance. Even the ancient gladiators were aware of such effect of the plant and successfully used it.

This extract is known for its powerful stimulatory effect because Guarana is very rich in caffeine. In particular, its caffeine content is 2 times higher comparing to the coffee beans.

It is also high in theophylline and theobromine which act as stimulators for the central nervous system.

There is scientific proof that the Guarana extract improves mental and physical strength which are important for the achievement of stunning sports results.

According to the FDA, Guarana meets all safety requirements for the weight loss substances provided that the extract is properly dosed.

This ingredient increases metabolic rate. If metabolism is speeded up, the weight loss process is triggered.

In addition, the study carried out in 2002 showed that Guarana when combined with the other weight loss supplements promotes a substantial body weight reduction after the 1.5 month supplementation period end.

Bitter Orange Extract

Bitter orange is actually a tree, different parts of which are used for curing a variety of medical conditions.

The extract derived from bitter orange has a positive influence on exercise performance.

Thus, there is scientific evidence that this extract can enhance performance within the course of squat exercises.

Also, the researchers found out that bitter orange can be used to make body weight drop when the extract of this plant is taken in the combination with hard workouts and a low calorie nutrition plan.

The study conducted by Georgetown University in 2012 demonstrated that bitter orange regardless of whether taken alone or with the other ingredients considerably boosts the resting metabolic rate (RMR) in the study group as opposed to the placebo group.

Moreover, this extract contributes to the absolutely safe weight loss because it doesn’t cause dangerous blood pressure fluctuations and cardiac arrhythmia comparing to the prescription anti-obesity medications. For this reason, bitter orange is often available in ephedra-free supplements.

Thus, though ephedra is a powerful weight loss drug it was forbidden in 2004 because of very negative impact on heart. But this plant extract can substitute the unsafe medication.

In addition, this extract helps overcome fatigue and elevates energy levels, which are crucial for each athlete who strives for impressive sports gains.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin plays a very important role in all the vital processes in the human body. But the body is not able to store vitamin B3.

That’s why you should uninterruptedly take care of timely intake of this vitamin which is especially crucial for the athletes.

This vitamin helps people remain energized, while vitamin B3 deficiency causes constant tiredness which makes high sports performance impossible. It also safeguards circulatory and heart functions.

It actually does this by elevating the levels of HDL, also known as good cholesterol, by fighting the inflammatory processes in the blood vessels, and by decreasing the risk of blood vessel plaques. These properties of Vitamin B3 made it popular in sports and athletic performance nutrition.

Also, according to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, vitamin B3 intake has a strong impact on fat metabolism.

In particular, it doesn’t allow free fatty acids to release from adipose tissue and enhances the use of carbohydrates by the body.

It also supports muscle glycogen which enables the athletes to do weight lifting and cardio exercises much longer.

The studies indicated that the athletes with vitamin B deficiency have poor sports performance during high-intensity workouts and can’t develop and recover muscles fast.

The Bottom Line

Clenbutrol is a non-artificial thermogenic product developed to replace illegal Clenbuterol.

It makes muscle to fat ratio grow due to the great fat burning potential of this safe supplement. That’s why it perfectly suits cutting cycles.

In addition, this natural product doesn’t let lean muscle mass that you have already gained disappear, while stamina, endurance, and performance remain at the high level.

What we like:

  • Strong formula
  • Multiple action
  • Safe & legal