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How to Pump Up Your Biceps

If a man does sports, he surely wants to have voluminous and prominent arm muscles. To reach that, it’s not enough to pay attention only to one muscle that is considered to be biceps. You have to pay attention to deltas and triceps (that plays even more role for the volume) as well. But biceps...More Please

Special Training For Legs

Legs are not like any other parts of the body. Building leg muscles means only working with legs – not with spine, abs or anything else, just legs. This is due to the fact that exercises we do for building muscles of other body parts won’t have any effect on the legs. For example, back...More Please


Everyone who is at least a little bit interested in bodybuilding knows that Winstrol has already become a household word among the athletes, bodybuilders, sportsmen, and other men who adore excellent body composition. But if you lack the knowledge about this steroid and because of this can’t decide whether to use it or not, you...More Please

Prime Male Review

Prime Male is actually an over-the-counter supplement which belongs to the non-synthetic testosterone boosters. The product is developed for the men over 30 years old who have already started suffering from the negative consequences of natural testosterone decline, but don’t want to tolerate the situation. And this booster offers the men an excellent chance to...More Please


There is contradictory information about the influence of Trenbolone on the human body. The compound is often blamed for destruction and harm it may cause. This muddles mind of many prospective users who aspire to get impressive and quick muscle gains but hesitate concerning reasonability of Trenbolone intake. Let’s weigh everything together to find out...More Please

7 Most Amazing Facts About Testosterone

Testosterone is probably one of the best-known hormones, which is often studied and discussed by different scientists, health specialists, sportsmen, family psychologists and even nutritionists. You can hardly find a person who doesn’t know anything about this hormone or who doesn’t associate it with a male part of population. The role and significance of testosterone...More Please

10 Effects of Testosterone on the Body

Testosterone production is regulated mainly by the central nervous system. To be more precise, this process is under control of the master gland. Master gland is a small organ, which size doesn’t exceed an apricot, but it plays a tremendous role in hormonal balance of the entire organism. You can hardly overestimate the role of...More Please