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TOP 5 HGH Supplements in 2019

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What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is an irreplaceable hormone which normally appears in the human body in a natural way. This important hormone is produced by a small like a pea but extremely crucial pituitary gland.

The regulation of human growth is a key function of this hormone. In fact, children and adolescents can’t grow without a sufficient amount of HGH in their bodies.

But this hormone also performs many other functions without which the body can’t survive. It has a direct impact on:

  • Muscle growth
  • Bone strength
  • Body fluids balance
  • Body composition
  • Sugar levels
  • Fat percentage
  • Metabolic rate
  • Energy release
  • Skin quality
  • Cell repair
  • Overall well-being

When getting older, people start experiencing a more and more severe HGH deficiency which negatively affects both physique and overall health.

And here is where HGH supplements come upon the stage.

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What HGH Supplements Offer?

Since HGH levels inevitably plummet with age, the sports supplement manufacturers used this fact to create natural HGH supplements.

These supplements are developed to stimulate the human body to secret HGH on its own naturally and turn the tide in the aging process.

HGH pills provide the following advantages:

  • Prompt Fat Reduction: The increased HGH levels help melt more calories and feel more energized when you do exercises. As a result, you will decrease more fat quicker.
  • Muscle Development: High HGH has a straightforward influence on the muscle building process. It occurs much prompter and more effectively.
  • Strength Increase: Concentration of HGH determines whether your strength grows or not. If you have considerable strength gains, your muscle gains will also increase.
  • Quick Recovery: Sufficient HGH levels make your body reduce the time it usually requires to take a rest between workout sessions. That’s why muscles repair faster.
  • Strong Bones: During the hard exercises, you need strong and healthy bones able to sustain severe and long-lasting physical load. This is especially important if you are not a young athlete.
  • Sleep Improvement: the quality of sleep plays a key role in the restoration of hormonal balance responsible for muscle growth and sports performance enhancement.
  • Brain Power Boost: If HGH levels elevate, not only physical potential improves but also cognitive function and focus become sharpened.


Top 5 HGH Supplements

There is a brief look at 3 best-working HGH supplements ever.

#1 HGH-X2

hah releaser

HGH-X2 is one of the most famous HGH supplements available on the market now.

This pill contains a range of the most powerful natural ingredients which reset HGH production in the human body in a safe way. The supplement helps decrease body fat, promotes lean mass growth, substantially accelerates recovery, and sculpts physique.

So, it is a lean muscle mass enhancer and a great helper during the cutting cycle.

This option is reasonably priced.

It enables you to get the ideal male body with strong muscles.

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#2. Provacyl

Provacyl is an all-natural supplement carefully developed by the scientists in order to maximally use the power of nature in struggle against the hateful aging.

This over-the-counter supplement was created in order to normalize the hormone levels which safeguard the man’s masculinity, youth, and sexuality.

These hormones are mainly human growth hormone and testosterone.

This supplement eliminates the issues associated with andropause due to the availability of the wide range of strong but non-artificial active substances.

All these components are selected and dosed in a way aimed not to allow the aging completely take possession of your body.

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#3. HyperGH14

This is another cutting-edge representative of HGH pills.

HyperGH14 is inferior to HGH-X2 only because of its very high price.

Expensiveness is actually the only downside of this product.

But its formula is really unmatched because it is comprised of the most effective non-artificial ingredients in the properly measured dosages.

It makes the body intensely synthesize HGH, especially during the night time sleep.

The product also significantly improves sleep, increases energy levels, and even strengthens the heart function.

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#4. Universal GH MAX

It is ranked third among the top-notch HGH supplements which provide the most satisfactory results.

This product is made by the internationally renowned Universal nutrition company which holds strong positions in its realm.

The combination of its strong non-synthetic ingredients not only contributes to the effective HGH release, protein production, and nitrogen retention.

Due to this, the pill makes lean muscle mass grow, increases strength, restores healthy sleep pattern, improves fat metabolism, and decreases time needed for recovery.

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Is It Worth Using HGH Injections?

You should know that the FDA approves the use of HGH injections for children and adults only if they suffer from curtain diseases.

Such injections may be prescribed to children if their growth is poor because of the following medical conditions:

  • HGH deficiency
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Prader-Willi syndrome
  • Turner’s syndrome
  • HGH injections are prescribed to adults if they have:
  • Muscle wasting disease caused by HIV/AIDS
  • HGH deficiency caused by pituitary tumors or tumor treatment
  • Short bowel syndrome

The FDA never approved the use of injectable form of HGH for non-medical purposes. That’s why the application of these injections for the performance-boosting purpose is illegal. Also, there is no approval that such injections are really helpful for people who aspire to achieve the muscle increase by relying on them.

HGH Supplements vs HGH Injections

Many athletes and bodybuilders want to inject HGH to give a maximum boost to athletic performance. Trying to get the most out of their workouts, these athletes even combine such injections with the intake of anabolic steroids.

But this is a wrong approach to the muscle and strength building process.

As opposed to HGH pills, injections provoke a range of side effects such as:

  • Numbness and Tingling: Synthetic HGH leads to nervous overexcitement. This contributes to unpleasant tingling in hands. Also, the situation may be even exacerbated when carpal tunnel syndrome develops. People who suffer from this disorder have great difficulties with performing even everyday activities.
  • Gynecomastia: When HGH levels go out of control, balance of testosterone and estrogen is also interrupted. And breast tissue enlargement called gynecomastia occurs. Man boobs are probably not the thing you want to boast of.
  • Hypoglycemia: HGH can provoke hypoglycemia which is a low blood sugar. You may suspect that you have this medical condition if you experience tiredness, shivering, and faintness. This disease also raises the probability of diabetes development.
  • Acromegaly: HGH abuse may lead to acromegaly. This means that some of your body parts may enlarge disproportionately. Such a condition happens because of bones thickening that becomes possible due to excess HGH. This refers to face, hands, and feet. Such a side effect not only looks unpleasantly, but also causes severe pain.
  • Heart Attack: If you get a very high amount of HGH, you substantially increase the probability of heart attack. In fact, heart attack may follow from cardiomegaly, also known as a heart enlargement, which develops under the influence of HGH overload. And this is the most terrifying and life-threatening side effect of uncontrollable HGH injections.

The matter is that HGH injections, as opposed to HGH supplements, have a 100% artificial origin since they are made in laboratories. You can never know exactly which dose of HGH you are going to inject.

The quality of the substance may also leave much to be desired. So, the results of such injections may be very dangerous and unpredictable.

And by the way everyone who injects HGH experiences at least 1-2 side effects.

The less lucky users suffer even more.

Also, those who choose injections run the risk of becoming infected via the needle. The likelihood to have inflammation or wound around the place of injection also grows.

Undoubtedly, nobody aspires to have such problems.

It’s possible to avoid all the above mentioned side effects if you decide to replace the injections with HGH supplements. And this is an indisputable advantage of HGH pills of natural origin.

That’s why these pills outmatch the injectable HGH. They provide almost the same effects but without unsafe adverse reactions.

Legality Issue

Legality of HGH supplements concerns many potential users of such products. If you belong to these people, you can breathe a sigh of relief because such supplements are not forbidden by the law.

As you know, injectable HGH is a scheduled substance which can’t be obtained and used by everyone who wishes to do this. That’s because of its extremely severe influence on the human body.

But this doesn’t refer to the non-artificial pills that activate HGH secretion in a natural way.
Since these pills don’t deliver the ready-made hormone, they are absolutely legal.

You can purchase them whenever you want. And you can do this without any prescription.

Safety of HGH Supplements

Safety of all-natural HGH supplements outstripped the injectable form of the hormone because the supplements are imbued with the top-quality natural ingredients which have strong HGH enhancing properties.

These supplements don’t contain any artificial ingredients.

HGH pills of natural origin don’t supply the ready-to-use hormone to the body. They don’t deprive your body of the opportunity to synthesize own HGH just like synthetic HGH does. But on the contrast to injectable hormone, the supplements trigger the own hormone-producing mechanism in the human body.

So, the body works by itself in a natural way in order to restore own hormonal balance.

The ingredients available in legal steroids are not only natural, but also scientifically backed. Thus, different studies investigated the properties of such ingredients and proved that they are really safe and effective when it comes to the stimulation of HGH synthesis.

However, you should also take care of your safety by yourself. For this purpose, you have to display vigilance when choosing where to purchase legal steroids. You should never purchase HGH supplements via unknown online drugstores, doubtful anti-aging clinics, and on suspicious websites.

Instead, you have to buy the supplements from the well-established manufacturers with an excellent reputation. In such a way, you will be able to avoid undesirable negative health consequences and dangerous adverse reactions.

What to Really Expect from HGH Supplements

It’s actually impossible to predict how HGH supplements will act in your body and which effects they will cause.

There is indeed a variety of factors which determine the efficacy of legal steroids of natural origin.

Among these factors, it’s possible to distinguish eating patterns, engagement in physical activities, sleep duration and quality, stress levels, bad habits, etc. It means that lifestyle has a powerful influence on the success of HGH supplementation.

The state of your health is also important if you are going to achieve great supplementation results.

In addition, the brand you select and the dosage should not be underestimated. If you choose the reputable product, you will not take the risk of falling across a counterfeit and hence will not lose your money, while saving your health.

At the same time, the proper measurement of the dosage is also crucial in order to accelerate the required gains.

It’s worth remembering that HGH supplements are not able to ensure the results here and now. You shouldn’t expect that the intake of HGH pills for a couple of weeks will make you lose fat, build muscle mass, supercharge strength, and revive endurance.

Only unsafe injectable HGH can provide quick results. But be ready that the supplementation will require time.

So, patience should be your friend during the use of non-synthetic HGH supplements. You will need at least a few months to experience considerable changes in your appearance and sports performance.

Why It Is Worth Consulting a Doctor

HGH pills are comprised of natural ingredients. You will not find synthetic substances in their formulas.

That’s why as opposed to extremely powerful hormonal injections these pills can’t harm your health.

But even notwithstanding the fact that the supplements are very safe and natural, it’s recommended to visit a healthcare practitioner before you take any steps in order to boost HGH production in your body.

The matter is that you may not know the actual state of things with regard to your overall health in general and hormonal balance in particular. To find out whether you really need to stimulate HGH synthesis, it’s advisable to undergo a special blood test.

In such a way, you will check the levels of your hormones. And the doctor will be able to determine whether it’s necessary to elevate the amount of a certain hormone, for example HGH, or not.

Also, you may have some underlying diseases which can make it impossible to use any HGH supplements.

In addition, pharmaceutical treatment with a range of prescription medications is incompatible with the supplementation because it may provoke some unexpected, negative health reactions.

In both of these cases, you have to inform your doctor about your health problems before you make a decision about the supplementation. You should abide by the doctor’s recommendations.

What to Consider When Choosing HGH Supplements

There is an abundance of information about legal steroids available on the market at the present moment.

But of course, not all information is comprehensive and trustful. Here it’s very crucial to understand where the truth and where the lie is. For this purpose, it’s necessary to conduct own investigation.

Your major task is to get to know as much information about the product you are going to purchase as possible. First of all, it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with all the information published on the official websites of the supplement that interests you.

The trustworthy manufacturers always provide the fullest details about their products. Since these manufacturers appreciate their clients, they never hide important information about HGH pills.

You should get acquainted with the ingredient content of the preferred supplement. Carefully study all the ingredients in the product formula and pay attention to all the properties of these ingredients.

Also, it’s necessary to check whether the ingredients by themselves and the pill formula as a whole underwent clinical trial.

If the studies were really carried out to prove the product safety and efficacy, it means that you deal with a high-quality product which is worth trying.

In addition, you should obligatorily read the customer reviews to adopt the experience of other people who used a particular supplement.

In such a way, you will avoid the mistakes made by the other users and hence save your time and money. And it’s a sure way to choose a great pill.
Anyway, you should understand that any HGH supplement is a much healthier and more reasonably priced option than an injectable synthetic HGH.

Ways to Enhance the Action of HGH Supplements

The top-notch HGH supplements from reliable manufacturers offer an excellent natural way to boost the production of own HGH in order to achieve both sports and personal purposes.

However, it’s possible to substantially enhance the effects of such supplements if you follow such useful tips which directly refer to your lifestyle.

Adequate Sleep

If you really take care of your HGH, you should say no to sleep deprivation. It’s important to sleep on average from 7 to 9 hours per night to normalize the secretion of HGH.

The matter is that optimal sleep is one of the key factors making your pituitary gland to start properly synthesize hormone. If the body works without any interruptions, HGH levels reach their peak when you sleep.

The researches tell that HGH levels are maximal within the period from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. That’s why it’s crucial to sleep at this time.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the daytime sleep will never compensate the night sleep. That’s because the daytime sleep can’t be as restorative and beneficial to health as the night sleep. It means you should never sacrifice the night sleep.

Instead, you have to schedule your time in a way that will allow you to normally sleep at night.

If your sleep duration is inadequate, you do a disservice to your hormonal balance. Sleep shouldn’t be disturbed as well.

So, you shouldn’t underestimate your sleep quality. If you meet all these conditions, HGH levels will remain high and stable.

Regular Exercising

It’s very important to do exercises on a regular basis if you aspire to elevate HGH in the natural way. However, you shouldn’t forget that the kind of exercises also matters when it comes to obtaining HGH boosting effects.

Thus, the highly intense exercises belong to the most effective ones for those people who are aimed at sufficient HGH levels. Such exercises typically include resistance training, intervals, and sprints. If you perform hard and uninterruptedly during these exercises, HGH will upsurge after each workout.

Moreover, according to the University of Michigan Medical School, high hormone levels are preserved for more than 24 hours after the workout session.

If you want to increase HGH even more, it’s necessary to make sure you have short rest periods during the intense exercises. This is proved by the research of Precision Nutrition. During this research, it was found out that the recovery period lasting for one minute or even less within the course of high-intensity intermittent exercises is enough to reset HGH synthesis.

You should realize that frequency, load, and recovery are the factors that have a direct impact on HGH production. At the same time, the workout duration has no influence on the hormonal balance.

Also, you should remember that the endurance exercises firstly enhance HGH secretion. However, after a while, the body gets used to such exercises and their efficacy is weakening. As a result, HGH levels lower.

This usually happens after 3 weeks since the start of endurance training.

Healthy Eating Pattern

Nobody can deny the importance of healthy eating for the optimal HGH production. It’s possible to distinguish both foods that raise and decrease the levels of this hormone.

You should know that the nutrition plan which is overfilled with carbohydrates makes HGH secretion fall. The study brought to the public by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and

Metabolism indicated that the male study subjects whose daily diet was mostly comprised of carbohydrates (80% of the total amount of food consumed during the day) experienced a considerable reduction of HGH concentration in the blood.

At the same time, the men whose nutrition plan included 40% of carbohydrates and 20% of protein-rich food managed to maintain the adequate HGH levels.

To the contrary, the Growth Hormone and IGF Research conducted in 2012 offered evidence that some nutrients such as fiber and vitamin C give a strong boost to the production of HGH.

Thus, vitamin C rich foods include broccoli, leafy green vegetables, kiwi, citrus fruits, tomatoes, mango, strawberries, bell peppers, and raspberries. Fiber is contained in vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and whole grains. Lentils, peas, and dried beans belong to the greatest sources of fiber.


Arginine, which is a naturally occurring amino acid, is a one more powerful natural releaser of HGH. You can add arginine-rich foods to your diet to ensure the proper supply of this amino acid. Among such foods, there are nuts, beans, and seeds.

But in fact it’s difficult to get all necessary arginine from your daily nutrition. That’s why this is where arginine supplementation comes to rescue.

A strong positive effect of arginine supplementation on HGH levels was confirmed during the study. This investigation involved 2 study groups which took different amounts of arginine per day.

The study participants who took a low dose of amino acid didn’t see any hormone changes. However, the group that used a high dose of this amino acid experienced an approximately 60% elevation of HGH levels. And by the way, this elevation occurred when the study participants slept.

Body Weight Reduction

Extra pounds not only hide your dream body, but also make HGH levels plummet. When you get rid of excessive weight and take care of maintaining a well-toned physique, you do a favor to your hormonal balance. And HGH is not an exception.

To some extent, this can be explained by the fact that HGH secretion is controlled by a special hormone called ghrelin. This hormone naturally appears in the stomach. Ghrelin not only takes a very active part in HGH regulation, but also has an influence on the feeling of hunger, eating pattern, and energy levels.

There is scientific evidence provided by the Colorado State University that people suffering from obesity lack ghrelin and as a result have insufficient HGH levels. At the same time, the scientists found out that people with the normal body weight had much higher levels of this hormone.

Another study indicated that people with a large amount of abdominal fat had much less HGH during then 24-hour phase of this hormone release comparing to the group of participants almost without belly fat. Extra body fat has a more negative impact on HGH in men than in women.

But still in both women and men the hormonal balance is affected when abdominal fat is in excess.

No Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is harmful to HGH release. The matter is that alcohol acts as an inhibitor of this hormone production when you sleep. The study given to public by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism demonstrated that the consumption of even one alcoholic beverage throughout the day led to a dramatic 75% reduction of HGH levels in the study subjects during the sleep time.

Also, alcohol causes negative fluctuations of blood sugar levels and increases cortisol levels. Both of these conditions suppress HGH production to a great extent.

But it should be noted that the complete refusal from alcohol intake is not required. Moderate alcohol consumption will not impede the ability of pituitary gland to flawlessly secret HGH. However, you have to avoid alcohol abuse to prevent the impairment of hormone producing function in your body.

HGH Supplements Stacks

It was proven that stacking of HGH pills with the other natural supplements is much more effective than the use of HGH releasers alone.

If you stack HGH supplements with testosterone boosters, you will typically experience the following effects in addition to the growth of HGH levels:

  • Increased Oxygenation: Proper amount of oxygen is extremely crucial during the muscle building process. The bigger muscles you want to finally get, the more oxygen has to be promptly delivered to the muscle tissue.
  • Improvement of Nitrogen Retention: Adequate nitrogen retention is a necessary condition for the trouble-free protein production. Uninterrupted protein synthesis is a key factor of fast strength increase and considerable muscle growth.
  • Elevation of Testosterone Levels: HGH itself is important during both cutting and bulking cycles. However, it’s possible to supercharge the muscle gains only if HGH raises simultaneously with the activation of testosterone secretion. Being the major male hormone, testosterone is irreplaceable if you aspire to achieve the maximum muscle size enlargement and the best sports achievements.
  • Upsurge of Energy Production: When developing strong and big muscles, it’s very important to feel energized during the exercises. High energy levels will help you make the workouts as effective as only possible. Also, when the calories are converted into energy quickly, you can lose fat more successfully.

All these effects when combined together substantially accelerate and facilitate the tasks of developing lean muscle mass, shedding undesirable fat deposits, enhancing stamina and endurance, boosting strength, and decreasing recovery time.