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Adverse Affects Of Urban Living On Mens Health


The stress and anxiety levels are increasing due to work pressure, relationship problems etc. Stressful lives create lot of disturbances which affect the physical, psychological and social status of mens health. You will only be able to lead a healthy life, if you identify the problem and start taking immediate action on it.

Comparative study of men and women reveal that women take less sick leaves than men. There are quite a few reasons which affect mens health more than women. One of the major reasons is the smoking habit and to add to the problem, alcohol abuse affects the health of men more frequently.

Men want to get rid of stress by depending on cigarette or alcohol, but this small sized object has loads of toxins in it. As you turn towards cities, life gets more miserable. Life in urban areas moves very fast as compared to rural places. It is because of this the health takes the back seat and rest everything the first.

Another important aspect that affects mens health in urban cities is the environment. You will hardly find any greenery in the cities which results in the increased levels of chemicals in the environment. Pollution from the vehicles makes it even worse and adds more toxins to the environment. Respiratory disorders and later chronic heart problems are bound to happen.

Men spend most of their time outside home due to which pollution is going to hit their health badly as compared to any other member in the family. Environmental pollution is in its increasing state which is quite alarming. You can contribute to the society by having your vehicles pollution check done on timely basis.

Eating habits in urban cities has a lot do with the mens health. It’s easy to buy burger or some other junk food but it affects the health adversely. Health problems like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure are common terms of urban living. Other health problems related to digestive system, excretory systems etc are also increasing on a daily basis.

Lack of physical exercise and bad eating habits affect the sexual health of men. Impotency is one of the major mens health problems which might occur due to lifestyle disorder. Side effect of medicines is also a reason for health disorders in men.

Recent research shows that soy which is considered to be a good source of protein can be harmful for mens health. It affects the thymus gland which plays a key role in the development of immune system. A large chunk of United States population consumes soy formula as infants. Many of the countries like Israel, Australia, France and New Zealand has issued caution for soy formulas to safe guard future generation.

Demanding jobs take most of the time during a day, but if you plan out your daily routine, life will be much easier. Have healthy diet and take out time for exercises. It’s your health and you need to take good care of it. Mens health is important for the family and so needs extra attention.

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